A Call to Care

PAs are extremely patient-centered and care deeply about the well-being and health of their patients. Brittney Pohler, PA-C, working in an OB/GYN clinic, is a prime example of a Certified PA who feels the call to serve and care for others. Pohler shares a patient story that reminded her about the impact she can have on her patients.

“Recently, I was seeing a female patient for a 12-week pregnancy visit,” Pohler said. “The patient was extremely anxious, as she has a prior history of miscarriage. We took our time to answer all of her questions and did a bedside ultrasound to allow her time to see her beautiful, healthy fetus dance across the screen with a strong, steady heartbeat. Not thinking much of it, I squeezed her hand and told her how perfect her baby looked and that she can request an ultrasound with me for peace of mind anytime. After she continually thanked me over and over again, I told her I just treated people as I would want to be treated.”

This sentiment is the core of the PA profession; treat people as you would want to be treated.

Thanks to Certified PAs like Pohler, many patients get to experience the unparalleled quality of care that comes from this attention and empathy in the PA profession. Like their patients, Certified PAs never forget the impact they have made on their patients and the lessons they have learned from them.

 “I will always remember that even in the busiest of clinic days, a simple gesture or a few more minutes of our time can be invaluable to the patient sitting in front of us,” Pohler said.

“It’s a simple principle, to love and be kind to others.”

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