High Quality Care from A Highly Qualified Team

Julie Davis, PA-C

No one accomplishes anything alone. Working with a supportive team that has your back is a great way to achieve success, especially for a health care team. Certified PAs, like Julie Davis, have been working with physicians to support one another as a team since 1967.

The PA and physician relationship is crucial to providing patients with the best care possible, particularly in a pediatric emergency room (ER) setting, like the one where Julie works. “We have a very broad scope of practice in my ER, so we are able to see any patient, but we always know that the physicians we work with have our backs. We work together on the higher acuity patients and any patient that needs admission or a higher level of care,” stated the Oklahoma-based PA.

In a fast-paced setting like the ER, PAs and physicians work together to see high volumes of patients for a range of issues and complications. Julie explained that, “We have a lot of patients that we see independently, but knowing that our doctors are there if we need support or have questions is so valuable.”

The trust between PAs and physicians is a critical part of why this team is able to function effectively and efficiently to help as many patients as they can on a daily basis. Using their medical expertise and skills, Certified PAs like Julie are also prepared and able to do most of the procedures in the department, which Julie says, “helps the physicians to see other patients and keep the department flowing while we are in time consuming procedures.”

“We have a great team-based approach in our department and it is one of my favorite things about my job,” shared Julie. At the end of the day, the PA and physician relationship is about trust and support to provide the high-quality care patients need.