‘The Most Satisfying Experience I’d Ever Felt’

Nina Munoz, PA-C

Nina Muñoz, PA-C, implores anyone with a passion for health care to explore a career as a Certified PA. Because there are many complexities of patient care, she suggests volunteering and shadowing a Certified PA to help understand what it takes to be a member of the medical team.

For Muñoz, it was a medical mission trip to Mexico that verified what she always suspected.

“The experience confirmed to me that a career in health care was where I wanted to be,” Muñoz said. “Caring for those in need was the most satisfying experience I’d ever felt. Don’t be afraid to step up to new challenges and be proactive in learning as much as you can.”

Muñoz pursued a career as a Certified PA through the efficient and intense medical education that PA school provides. Prior to enrolling in a PA program, students must complete up to 2,000 clinical hours.

After completing an academic program and achieving certification, Certified PAs work to diagnose patients, manage chronic illnesses, prescribe medications, assist in surgical procedures and more. They work on health care teams to provide a wide range of care.

“What sets Certified PAs apart from other health care providers is our profession’s flexibility,” Muñoz said. “Certified PAs have the freedom to change specialties and serve in several capacities, making them the perfect partners on any medical team.”

There is an increasing demand nationwide for Certified PAs, because of their high-quality and effective care. Muñoz understands this demand and feels privileged to be a part of the profession.

“My favorite part of being a Certified PA is when I get to connect with patients and get to know them like family,” Muñoz said.

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