Dermatology PA’s Expertise is Skin Deep

jameka mcelroy brooklyn, pa-c

In her junior year of college, Jameka McElroy-Brooklyn, PA-C, met a dermatology PA who encouraged her to learn more about the profession.  

“What appealed most to me about being a PA was the flexibility and collaboration with interdisciplinary health care teams.” 

Following completion of her undergraduate studies at Chicago State University, McElroy-Brooklyn attended the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine PA Program. 

Throughout her career, McElroy-Brooklyn has worked in various specialties including emergency medicine, urgent care, occupational health and nephrology. She currently practices as a dermatology PA managing skin, hair and nail conditions for patients.  

“I see about 40 patients in a day, performing skin cancer screenings, discussing treatment plans for eczema and minor in-office procedures.” She diagnoses and treats skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and acne; and performs procedures including cyst, lipoma and keloid excision, electrodessication, and injections for cosmetic and medical purposes. 

McElroy-Brooklyn enjoys building relationships with her patients and solving their health issues. For several months, one of her patients experienced a severe skin condition that greatly affected her work, sleep and self-esteem. Although the patient tried several medications, nothing seemed to work. 

“It was only after getting her approved for an injection medication indicated for moderate to severe eczema that she achieved complete clearance,” said McElroy-Brooklyn. “I am so grateful to be able to alleviate her suffering.” 

In her seven-year career as a  PA, McElroy-Brooklyn feels fortunate to be part of a profession that is adaptable and able to step up to provide quality patient care in multiple health care settings.  

“We have such versatility in our abilities to specialize in many areas of health care, and we are able to support our patients with education and treatment in collaboration with health care teams.”