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jameka mcelroy-brooklyn, pa-c

Dermatology PA’s Expertise is Skin Deep

Jameka McElroy-Brooklyn, PA-C, has practiced in several different specialties throughout her career, but currently practices in dermatology. She diagnoses and treats skin conditions and performs procedures including cyst, lipoma and keloid excision, electrodessication, and injections for cosmetic and medical purposes.

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patricia rodrigues, pa-c

The Journey to a New Career and Passion

Security concerns prompted Martha Patricia Rodriguez, PA-C, and her family to leave their home country in search of safety and better opportunities. Although Rodriguez was already a medical doctor in Mexico, the transition to the medical profession in the U.S. wasn’t easy.

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ariana golchin, pa-c

Educating the Next Generation of Certified PAs

Ariana Golchin, PA-C, is on a mission to educate the future generation of PAs through engagement, mentorship and connection. In this blog, she talks about her experience starting as a PA during the pandemic and how she advocates for patients.

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Certified PA hero - Mary Herc

From Mission Trips to a Career in Critical Care

When Mary Herc, PA-C, started working as a Critical Care PA, she admitted a patient who was experiencing complications after surgery. Thanks to her medical education and training in PA school, she was able to intervene accurately to stabilize the patient.

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kathryn iwasaki

Treating Trauma Patients with Empathy

Since becoming a Certified PA, Kathryn Iwasaki, PA-C has practiced in psychiatry, emergency medicine and neurosurgery. The flexibility to practice in multiple specialties was one of the reasons why she chose a career as a PA.

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More Dispatches From the Front Lines

In April we shared the stories of Certified PAs across the country who were working on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Following the publication of those stories we received dozens of additional stories from PAs who are also working tirelessly to address this pandemic.

As many states begin to open up, we share these stories as a reminder that the battle wages on.

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