Variety is the Spice of the PA Profession

michael trueba, pa-c

Michael Trueba, PA-C discovered the PA profession while in college and was immediately hooked, especially when he learned that PAs are educated in the medical model and can practice in any specialty. He initially aspired to become a physician, but worried about being committed to one specialty and getting complacent. Trueba has worked in cardiology and now practices as a PA in urgent care in Tampa, Florida. “I get to see and treat a lot of diseases, conditions and injuries,” said Trueba.  

On a typical day, Trueba and the urgent care team see 40-60 patients per 12-hour shift.  

“There are patients waiting to be seen even before we open the doors,” he said. “Some diagnoses are straight forward, and others may require more time and further testing which could lead to a longer visit.” 

Practicing in urgent care is not without challenges. Sometimes he has to convince more critical patients that they need to go to the emergency room for further evaluation and treatment.  

“After having to wait for so long, they’re sometimes not pleased to hear that.”  

Other times, he needs to convince patients they don’t need treatments such as antibiotics.  

“As providers, our goal is to always educate and treat using evidence-based medicine because this gives the patient the best chances of healing,” said Trueba. 

When it came to selecting a career as a Certified PA, Trueba wanted a career that reflected who he is as a person. He sought a career that allowed him to help people, and when he did some research on the PA profession, he realized it was a perfect fit for him.  

“I get to help people and experience not just one area of medicine.”