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ariana golchin, pa-c

Educating the Next Generation of Certified PAs

Ariana Golchin, PA-C, is on a mission to educate the future generation of PAs through engagement, mentorship and connection. In this blog, she talks about her experience starting as a PA during the pandemic and how she advocates for patients.

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Certified PA hero - Mary Herc

From Mission Trips to a Career in Critical Care

When Mary Herc, PA-C, started working as a Critical Care PA, she admitted a patient who was experiencing complications after surgery. Thanks to her medical education and training in PA school, she was able to intervene accurately to stabilize the patient.

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kathryn iwasaki

Treating Trauma Patients with Empathy

Since becoming a Certified PA, Kathryn Iwasaki, PA-C has practiced in psychiatry, emergency medicine and neurosurgery. The flexibility to practice in multiple specialties was one of the reasons why she chose a career as a PA.

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